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As a professional Buyer's Agent in today's competitive Sydney market, I come across many buyers and professionals that I continue to learn from and share information with. I created The Property Buyble to provide a platform to share these topics and dive into areas that are not commonly discussed or explored.

I've always said that to be good at what you do, you must not only master your own line of work, but absorb the knowledge from those around you to become an "allrounder". I decided to provide this show to discuss, not only topics relevant to buying property, but surrounding topics related to all facets of property itself. I believe this will provide knowledge to property owners, those looking to buy property as well as professionals wanting to learn more about buying and investing in property for themselves and their clients.

The Property Buyble provides an incite to the fundamentals of buying and investing in property as well as out of the box ideas and topics relevant to today's market conditions.

Thank you for joining me and my guests by tuning into TPB. I hope that these episodes provide information that is both useful and fascinating towards your property journey.

Kimberley Ackerman

Buyer's Agent

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